The Beginning of the World

Creation myths among the religions of Eberron are remarkably consistent. The story is one of three dragons named Siberys, Eberron, and Khyber who struggled for control of the world. In the end, Siberys was shattered and became the Dragon Above who circles the world in a great ring (somewhat like Saturn’s); Khyber was banished to the depths of the earth and became the Dragon Below; and Eberron healed the world from the struggle. Dragons are said to be the descendants of Siberys, fiends and horrors the spawn of Khyber, and all others the creations of Eberron.

The Age of Demons

The fighting between the couatl and the rakshasa-led demons was fierceCommon knowledge holds that long, long ago demons ruled the world with iron fists. It is said that in time, the dragons and others of the world rediscovered arcane magic and overthrew their demon overlords, thus paving the way for the current world. The Church of the Silver Flame emphasizes the contribution of the couatls, who sacrificed most of their number to seal the ancient demon lords deep within Khyber for all time.

The Current Age

The oldest records of the main continent, Khorvaire, go back to the goblinoid empire of Dhakaan, which ruled most of Khorvaire for nearly ten thousand years. While little remains in actual records of the empire itself, it is known that the hobgoblin rulers possessed sophistication at least equal to that of present-day Khorvaire. The empire ruled until the coming of the daelkyr invasion from Xoriat nine millennia ago, which decimated half the continent. Though the daelkyr were eventually forced down into the depths of Khyber, the war had weakened the Dhakaani Empire to the breaking point, and infighting caused it to shatter; the once-proud hobgoblins and their other goblinoid slaves reverted to barbarism.

Around three thousand years ago, human settlers led by the mythical explorer Lhazaar landed on the continent of Khorvaire and began spreading. At around the same time, the dragonmarks started appearing among the people of Khorvaire and their bearers began exerting influence upon the kingdoms in which they lived. Karrn the Conqueror was the first great ruler among the human kings, uniting a large swath of northern Khorvaire two thousand years ago. A thousand years later, a descendant of his named Galifar united all of Khorvaire under his rule, and gave the Five Kingdoms to his five children (Brey, Karrn, Thrane, Cyre, and Aundair—whose names were adopted as the kingdom names) as regencies.

Galifar’s kingdom lasted nearly 900 years, but in the year 894 YK (Year since the founding of the Kingdom, the basis for reckoning time for most of Khorvaire) King Jarot died. Rather than following the rules of succession by the oldest scion, the rulers Thalin, Kaius, and Wroann of Thane, Karrnath, and Breland respectively rejected the claim of Mishann, regent of Cyre. Wrogar of Aundair backed the rules of succession, and so the Last War began. The war saw a great deal of fighting between all the Five Nations with constantly changing alliances, and a number of new nations were created. The war ended with the Treaty of Thronehold, which established peace between the nations of Khorvaire and recognized several new nations. However, the end of the war also saw great sorrow with the utter annihilation of the nation of Cyre at the hands of a still-unknown force. Now, about four years after the war, the nations of Khorvaire are maintaining an uneasy peace—many say that a new war is inevitable.


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