Commonplace Use

The Lightning RailElemental-powered airships are but one of the many magical marvels widely available in Eberron. Low-level magic is very prevalent in Eberron, serving much the same purpose as simple appliances today. Everburning lanterns line the high- and middle-class neighborhoods in most major cities, while bound elementals support much faster transportation than would otherwise be available. Blacksmiths chant minor incantations over their forges to boost the quality of their work, while weavers draw threads of shadow into their fabrics. House Sivis’s sending rituals, boosted by dragonshards, allow for easy communication across the continent, and magical healing is relatively cheap and plentiful for those in the middle class and above. Seemingly impossible feats of magic are also well known and accepted, such as the floating towers of Sharn which rise high into the sky through a combination of magic enhancement and the manifest zone the city exists in.

AirshipHowever, at the same time most people distrust incredibly powerful spells, and thus powerful mages must be careful in the use of their flashier magic. Moreover, with the rise of artifice, the common people are likely to make distinctions between “magic” and “artifice” where on some level the latter is more trustworthy than the former.


ArtificerIf magic replaces technology in Eberron, artificers replace inventors and tinkerers. While spellcasters specialize in certain forms or manifestations of magic, artificers work with with the essential nature of arcane magic itself, studying it as if it were technology. They are very proficient with magical and alchemical items, and in many ways keep Eberron running.

Artificers are a class first introduced in Eberron, and re-introduced in the Eberron Player’s Guide. As an arcane leader, they manipulate arcane formulas to channel magical power into items in order to help their allies and hinder their enemies.


ArtificerDragonshards are powerful magical stones that have a variety of functions. Among the most valuable of Eberron’s natural resources, dragonshards are translucent stones run through with veins that are similar in appearance to dragonmarks, with the colors of the veins depending on the dragonshard.

Siberys Dragonshards

The rarest and most valuable dragonshards, Siberys shards are closely connected to the dragonmarked houses. They are used in various items which strengthen the natural powers of dragonmarks, and thus Siberys shards are much sought after by the houses and new finds are often hotly contested. Siberys shards are almost transparent but contain pulsing gold veins.

Khyber Dragonshards

Smoky crystals shot through with oily black veins, Khyber dragonshards are rumored to be connected to the binding spells of ancient demons. Whether this is true or not, Khyber dragonshards are crucial pieces in the construction of elemental-binding items both for combat and mundane uses; the House Orien lightning rails use bound air elementals for locomotion, while House Lyrandar ships often have bound water elementals and their airships use fire elementals for propulsion.

Eberron Dragonshards

Commonly known as bloodstones, Eberron dragonshards are translucent pink shot through with deep red veins. Eberron dragonshards act as very general magic amplifiers, and are often attuned to specific spells to improve their power when constructing magic items. In Eberron, items like rings of spell storing, rings of wizardry, and the like are made from Eberron dragonshards; some wizards have even taken up the practice of scribing their spells on Eberron dragonshards rather than in spellbooks.


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