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Welcome to Eberron

Eberron is a world like none you’ve seen before… The world of Eberron is a place of magic and monsters, where arcane energy infuses the landscape and greatly influences society and industry. Traditional Dungeons & Dragons fantasy combines with swashbuckling action and dark mystery to create a world ripe for exploration. Nothing is exactly as it seems; alliances—and alignments—are blurred, and the continent of Khorvaire is just emerging from a hundred years of war that have significantly reshaped the geopolitical, economic, and even magical landscape. From the steaming jungles of Aerenal to the colossal ruins of Xen’drik, from the towering keeps of Sharn to the blasted hills and valleys of the Demon Wastes, you will be drawn into a world of intrigue and excitement, where something strange is always at work and mysterious forces play games beyond human reckoning. Expect the unexpected, for this is Eberron…

How to Use This Document

This document attempts to give you, as a player without any knowledge of Eberron, a broad grounding in the world. It contains more or less information that a typical adventurer would know, although of course your geographical origin or race could give you access to more or less information. Don’t worry about memorizing any of this, and if it looks like a long read you don’t even really need to do more than skim it. Mainly the idea is to give you the context in which you will be working, so when (for example) you need to get from point A to point B you might think of an Eberron-specific airship or lightning rail instead of the (rather rare in Eberron) teleportation circles.

Keep in mind that the party will generally be able to pick up any slack in your knowledge, and the DM will hopefully cater to your degree of engagement in the world. Most importantly, remember that in the end this is all about having fun—if you think this is too much information to be fun, that’s fine too.


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