Other Continents


The City of the Dead in Aerenal. Aerenal.Few on Khorvaire know much about the island kingdom of the elves. Its one major port admits trade, but very few are allowed into the interior and many of the reports that come back are very strange. A disturbing proportion of the rumors name the Aerenal elves as obsessed with death is many ways, with a large portion wearing visages of skulls and walking dead populating the land. In any case, Aerenal itself seems to have little interest in mainland Khorvaire, though the raiders who established Valenar did hark from the island kingdom.


Dragon fishing in Argonnessen. Argonnessen.If Aerenal is shrouded is shadow, the home of the dragons is shrouded in midnight. While both tradition as old as memory and current accounts of the (few) who approached near the continent and returned state that a vast number of dragons inhabit the continent, almost nothing is known about Argonnessen.


Dreambinder Monuments of the Inspired. Sarlona.Sarlona is Khorvaire’s neighbor to both east and west. The vast empire of Riedra dominates Sarlona. Its ruler-deities are the mysterious Inspired; its liaisons and diplomats can be found in every major Khorvairian population center. The somewhat-ephemeral kalashtar hail from Sarlona, and they don’t seem to like the current rulers, but your average person would be lost on the distinction. It is also rumored that the rulers of Sarlona have incredible psionic powers, and that magic seems rare if not non-existant from the tales.


Xen'drik Ruins Xen'drikOf all the lands outside of Khorvaire, the most is known about Xen’drik. Once home to a great giant civilization, the entire continent is filled with great ruins and vestiges of the ancient cultures, and barbaric tribes of giants roam the land. The elves trace their lineage back to Xen’drik, and dark-skinned elves called drow inhabit the continent. The Ring of Siberys lies above Xen’drik and the continent is the only known source of Siberys dragonshards. A major port by the name of Stormreach lies on the northern peninsula, and is serviced by all the dragonmarked houses. A large number of adventurers go in and out of Stormreach, seeking artifacts and Siberys dragonshards to bring back for profit on Khorvaire. Despite its nature as a common destination, Xen’drik is in many ways a “dark continent” full of unexplored wonders, treasures—and horrors.


Daelkyr work to free themselves from the depths of Khyber The underdark in Eberron is given the name of Khyber, after the mythic Dragon Below. Down in the depths of the earth terrible creatures lay, including ancient malignant evils sealed there since the Age of Demons as well as the terrifying daelkyr and their creations, including mind flayers, beholders, and the like. There are few entrances to Khyber, and most are in hard-to-reach places, but some still venture down into the depths. Khyber is the only place where Khyber dragonshards can be found.

Other Continents

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