While a number of gods are present in Eberron, people usually connect themselves with their churches rather than the gods they worship. Unlike other settings, the gods in Eberron do not have any known influence on the path that life takes on the Material Plane. They do not answer summons and do not send messengers; they do not dwell on the Outer Planes like in other settings, but are somewhere else altogether (if they exist at all). Magic that calls upon pacts with powerful beings appeals to outsiders aligned with the character’s religion, and contacts normally associated with deities often are picked up by powerful outsiders like archangels and archfiends.

The Sovereign Host

Holy Symbol of the Sovereign HostThe most popular church is that of the Sovereign Host, a group of nine deities forming a pantheon covering all the general needs for worship of common people. The Sovereign Host is a very accepting of other religions, such as the younger church dedicated to the obviously holy Silver Flame, seeing other (decent) religions as simply other aspects of the Sovereign Host. While the pantheon does have individual gods who are worshipped individually, most people recognized the entire pantheon in normal worship, only addressing one particular god when they need something specific, like a good harvest or successful birth. As such the Sovereign Host plays a small role in the politics of Khorvaire and often a minimal role in the lives of its people.

The Dark Six

Holy Symbol of the Dark SixThe Dark Six are the dark shadows of the Sovereign Host, a pantheon of (mostly) dark gods who thrive on slaughter and depravity. The Dark Six could actually be considered a part of the Sovereign Host pantheon in much the same way as Satan serves a purpose in Christianity: as the opposite of the ideal. Five of the Dark Six are directly connected to the Sovereign Host deities by bloodlines, while the last, a mysterious being known as the Traveler, does not seem to be connected to anything else and seems to be part of the pantheon mostly due to lumping.

The Church of the Silver Flame

Holy Symbol of the Silver FlameIn direct contrast to the Sovereign Host, the Church of the Silver Flame is a much more active and passionate religion that sees itself as the only right way. Legend has it that the undying pillar of flame for which the Church is named was created when a paladin and a coatl sacrificed themselves in an effort to prevent the release of an ancient demon from beneath Thrane. Now the ruling religion and political order in Thrane, the Church is perhaps the strongest bastion of good and law in Khorvaire. However, the Church’s teachings tend to be very stringent and restrict the actions of its adherents more than other religions, so most people outside of Thrane are not willing to submit to the Church’s rule. The Silver Flame has also committed a number of atrocities in the name of good, among them the famous crusade against lycanthropes that nearly exterminated the species. The Church also continues to battle corruption, as the significant power of the Silver Flame has drawn powermongers the likes of which other religions do not have the influence to attract.

Cults of the Dragon Below

Holy Symbol of the Dragon BelowTribal peoples often take up worship of the Dragon Below, a more primitive religion than many others. These people have seen the aberrations that Khyber spawns and respect the powers of those creatures, and thus fear and worship that which comes from the ground. However, the worship of the Dragon Below ranges among different tribes from malignant to benign, as some tribes actively try to spread the evil of the Dragon Below and sometimes collaborate with the abominations therein, while others simply try to stave off destruction at the hands of that which dwells beneath the ground.

The Path of Light

Holy Symbol of the Dragon BelowThis religion is rare in Khorvaire, but prevalent among Adar’s kalashtar. The kalashtar do not typically worship deities, but instead worship a universal force of light. Equal parts philosophy and religion, followers of the Path of Light believe in a force of positive energy they call il-Yannah, “the Great Light”.

The Undying Court

Holy Symbol of the Dragon BelowRather than deities, the elves practice ancestor worship. This comes in many forms, from the warsongs of the elves of Valenar to the elaborate plays and rituals of the Houses Phiarlan and Thuranni, to the rumored worship of walking dead among the elves of Aerenal. Further knowledge is typically not known by outsiders of the faith, but rumor has it that deathless elves rule the elven homelands and have done so for ages.

The Blood of Vol

Holy Symbol of the Dragon BelowA peculiar religion mostly centered in Karrnath, the Blood of Vol has faith in blood itself as the source of life and undeath as the path to divinity. They believe death must be conquered, not endured, and that the power inherent in oneself—in one’s blood—is greater than any god. Vol herself is a shadowy figure, sometimes known as the Queen of the Undead, who is known to actually exist and exert influence—but only in very subtle and mysterious ways. Most citizens of Khorvaire are indifferent to this strange and exotic cult; its influence is currently in a waning phase.


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